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Lavender Plants & Design Services

Order Plants Year-Round

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Lavender Plant Sales

Red Rock Ranch & Farms LLC in Concho, AZ offers a selection of hard to find Lavender varieties for landscaping  and commercial growers.

We will help you to select the right lavender varieties for your area & give you growing tips. 

Offering wholesale pricing for volume orders.

Lavender Field Design & Business Consultation Services

Have you ever thought about landscaping with lavender or planting a field of lavender to start a small business?

Red Rock Ranch & Farms LLC has the experience and knowledge about planting and growing lavender.  We can assist home gardeners as well as commercial growers.

Our services include:

  • Landscape and Field Design
  • Lavender Plant Selection - Plants that are Ideal for Geographic Zones and Growing Conditions
  • Water and Drip System Planning 
  • Planting and Maintenance Consultation     
  • Marketing Consultation - Establishing Your Lavender Business 

Contact Us For Further Information:

Red Rock Ranch and Farms LLC

Tel 928-245-5763

email: mike@redrocklavender.com


The Most Popular Lavender Varieties Are for Sale Year-Round 

Lavandula Intermedia - Lavandin - Hybrid Lavender


24”-30” high

Long-stemmed and the darkest blue-purple flower spikes of any of the hybrid types. A heavy bloomer, the flowers have a strong lavender fragrance with a hint of camphor. Zones 5-10



30” high

The light purple flowers on very long stems are very fragrant and dry beautifully for potpourri. It is more moisture tolerant than other varieties, and is recommended to gardeners who have difficulty over wintering lavenders. Zones 6-10.


Dilly Dilly (Smaller Size Grosso variety) 

12”-18” high

Flowers are violet blue with a much darker violet calyces. Dilly Dilly is used as an ornamental, fragrant and oil purposes and wonderful for crafting projects. Zones 5-11


Lavandula Angustifolia - True Lavender

Blue Cushion

16” high

A spectacular, free-flowering dwarf lavender with deep blue flowers from early to late summer. Gray-green evergreen foliage on a compact bush. Used for potpourri, sachets, fresh and dried bouquets. Zones 5-8



24” high

Vera is thought to be the original species lavender. During June and July the fresh lavender sprays are harvested.  Zones 5-11


Royal Velvet

18”-22", semi-dwarf

Is very showy when blooming plants are covered with dark navy-blue and lavender flower spikes. The 3 to 4 inch long flower spikes, hold their dark color superbly as a dried flower. Home gardeners will enjoy it for its rapid growth, its long bloom period in late spring/early summer, and tolerance of wet winters. Zones 5-10


Jean Davis

20”-24” high

Very lovely lavender that is unique and combines well with your traditional colored lavender.  It provides a wonderful contrast with the blue/pruple lavender varieties in your landscaping, bouquets, and wreaths. Zones 5-11



Other Lavender Varieties Offered, Call For Availability - 928-337-2289



Field of 'Provence' Lavender 

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