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Lavender All-Stars Part One

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Lavender All-Stars

One of my favorite lavenders is Royal Velvet, a Lavandula Angustifolia. The reason I love it so much is its compact shape and beautiful dark navy-blue lavender flower spikes. The flower spikes, hold their dark color as a dried flower. You can use it fresh or dry it for bouquets and sachets. It can be used as culinary lavender and is especially tasty in dessert recipes. It is a semi-dwarf lavender that grows to 18” to 22” so the right size to plant in the garden or in a pot. Its long bloom period is in late spring/early summer.

Photos of Royal Velvet show its beauty. We love it so much that it is our choice for one of the bouquets we sell online.

Find out my other Lavender All-Stars in upcoming posts...

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